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Jonathan James


Jonathan James is a UK based Consultant Radiologist and has worked at the Nottingham Breast Institute for the last 22 years. The Breast Institute has a busy screening and symptomatic practice diagnosing over 800 breast cancers a year.
Nottingham is one of the National Training Centres for the UK Breast Screening programme and, since 2016, he has served as its Director of Education and Training. Over 60% of UK professionals involved in screening and symptomatic breast services have attended courses in Nottingham, with post-graduate training provided to both radiologists and radiographers.
He is involved in clinically based research, with over 60 peer-reviewed publications. His most significant work has focused on Contrast Enhanced Mammography (CEM), individual performance assessment and the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to breast cancer screening.
Jonathan sits on National Health Service (NHS) Breast Screening Programme Research Innovation and Development Advisory Committee and is also a member of the Radiology Clinical Professional Group advising NHS England on matters relating to radiology in the screening programme.