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About us

We are a genuine team of two individuals who are driven by their passion for excellence in radiology. Collaborating closely at all stages of our careers, we rank among the most internationally respected radiologists of our generation.

For us, sharing our expertise is not a mere academic duty. It is a true passion. This passion drives our commitment to radiological teaching at an international stage.

We are convinced that continuing radiology education in an online format is not a temporary compromise. It will become a game change to deliver cutting edge teaching from radiologist to radiologists.

Our participants already share our vision: 96% evaluate our current online course as “very good” (4%: good) and 100% would recommend it to others. The majority (79%) prefer the online version of the course to the conventional face-to-face format (21%).

What our par­tic­i­pants say

What is special about us?

Four features define all of our continuing education courses:


Real expertise

… is the foundation of our courses. On the contrary, not all prominent speakers are necessarily clinical experts. From our broad experience, we know exactly what is really relevant for your clinical work. Our courses are crafted by radiologists for radiologists.

Compact learning units

… guarantee you optimal success in clearly defined time frames. At the same time, you will achieve maximum CME points in the shortest possible time. For your time is precious!

Teaching as a Team

Have you ever experienced courses were speakers were poorly coordinated with each other? Delivering redundant or even contradictory statements even within a single session? That's disruptive, especially in teaching courses! As a team, we are 100% aligned. We design and we give all of our courses together.


… is the key to any sustainable learning success. In our courses you will be able to choose from a wide range of state-of-the-art interaction tools (live case polls, chat, instant messengers, video, audio etc.). Thus, creating an engaging and positive teaching environment to maximize your personal teaching experience.

Why online?

Considering the enthusiastic feedback of our participants and our own broad teaching experience we know: Online training is a full-value alternative to in-person events. In fact cutting-edge live online teaching teaching may even surpass conventional formats. In our course you may expect several advantages:


Excellent image quality

… is the foundation of any radiological report. Excellent image quality is therefore also the foundation of our teaching approach. In our courses you use your own equipment, you even may use your professional workstation. In contrast, the equipment available at in-person events typically does not meet radiological reporting standards (projector, lighting, room size, seating position).

No compromise

As diagnostic radiologists, we routinely work on the screen. Online training can therefore provide you with ALL relevant content without any compromise. This is a huge advantage for us radiologsits to most of our colleagues! Just think about online courses for surgeons or psychiatrists.


The workload of us radiologists is ever increasing. Free time is a rare asset in our job. Just as our online course, in-person events can be great fun. However, for in-person events you must invest substantial overhead time for travel, orga stuff and many more. Such time losses are essentially eliminated with online events.

Real interaction

„Are there any questions from the audience?“ Will you step to the microphone in a large lecture hall and ask your urgent question? We typically won´t.
In a digital environment things a different. Think about how you use instant messengers and #SoMe! Likewise, the level of interaction will be MUCH higher in our online courses. This interaction boost of digital live courses amazes us every time. Real interaction will trigger interactivity, enhance your motivation and ultimately will improve your learning success.

Easy to schedule

Not only since the pandemic we know: Something can always come up! And this is why many of us have run into trouble when joining in-person events. Online training is largely independent of incidence rates, cancelled flights, strikes, work-live related issues etc. Online training can be reliably planned by you!


… radiologic teaching is essential. In-person events are typically sponsored by the industry. Yet, we should not forget, "there ain't no such thing as a free lunch". Live online course enables us to offer you radiological continuing education entirely without industry sponsoring. Faithful to our principle from radiologists for radiologists!


The poor ecological footprint of radiological in-person events is well-established. Online classes are much more environmentally friendly. We love face-to-face events and do not want to abandon them! However, think about replacing some of your in-person meetings by our live online courses. And you will be actively helping to protect the environment.