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Dr. Marc Lobbes


Dr. Marc Lobbes, MD, PhD, EDBI, has been a dedicated breast radiologist since 2011.
He is the current chairman of the board of the department of Medical Imaging at the Zuyderland Medical Center in Sittard-Geleen, the Netherlands .
He is a board-certified clinical and screening radiologist with extensive experience in contrast-enhanced mammography (CEM).
He was the first to introduce CEM to the Netherlands in 2012 and has been promoting the implementation of CEM in everyday clinical practice since. He is the author of many scientific publications and several book chapters, mainly on the topic of CEM and its place in everyday clinical practice.


Dr. Marc Lobbes has received several honorary fees for presentations, workshops and medical advisory boards from Hologic Inc., GE Healthcare, Bayer, Guerbet, and Tromp Medical. The RACER trial was partly funded by GE Healthcare. The ASSESS trial is partly funded by Hologic Inc.