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Matthias Dietzel

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Since my days at medschool, I have been passionate about breast imaging. Here I joined the research team of Professor Werner Kaiser, the pioneer in breast MRI and 1st EUSOBI gold medalist.

I did my residency at Werner´s institute (university hospital Jena). Ever since, breast MRI has been in the focus of my activities. In 2012 I switched to the University Erlangen. Here I polished my skills in MRI (advanced neuroimaging) and gained interventional experience. Later, I returned to general radiology, where I am still working today (chair: professor Michael Uder).

One focus of my work is academic radiology: I have published 80+ research articles in peer-reviewed journals and achieve a h-factor of 28. In 2018 I received the Carla Boetes award from EUSOBI. In 2007, I was awarded my doctorate (university Jena). In 2019 I was appointed professor (university Erlangen).

I believe in the pivotal role of editorial work for shaping our field. For this reason, I am passionate about my work as associate editor of the European Journal of Radiology, where I handle 1500+ articles per year. Here I am responsible for the sections breast imaging, women’s imaging, radiomics, and artificial intelligence.

I am a passionate radiological educator: I gave 200++ invited lectures in 20+ countries given. Since 2022 I serve as the chairman of the largest congress on breast imaging in D-A-CH countries (

I strongly believe in the power of digitization for our field. So together with Pascal Baltzer I run a platform to promote cutting-edge online teaching ( Recently, I was appointed EUSOBI Fellow for “Communication, Social Network Management & Guideline development”. Here I will work hard to use #SoMe and other channels to enhance the communications between breast imagers and all our peers.


I have always been fascinated by exploring new stuff: I learned Russian as a foreign language in Moscow in 1999 and 2000 and completed my studies at the Moscow Technical University. I completed a master's degree in business administration, because I consider this skill as essential (MHBA, 2019). Last but not least I am a passionate amateur pianist and there were periods in my life, when I almost went for a professional career. Luckily for my audience, that is history and I have found my role in breast imaging 😉.