MRI of the breast: Basic Course


„From image acquisition to structured reporting

with Pascal Baltzer and Matthias Dietzel

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Dear colleagues,
Dear friends,

We cordially invite you to our breast MRI courses. Werner Kaiser himself, the inventor of breast MRI, introduced us to “his” method some 20 years ago. Over one decade we were part of his core team. Here we gained extensive first-hand knowledge from Werner. Ever since then, breast MRI has been at the very center of our comprehensive activities. Meanwhile we have joined the small circle of internationally recognized top experts in breast MRI.

Since the very beginning of our activities, we have been jointly committed to scientifically sound, clinically relevant and didactically polished teaching in breast MRI. The enthusiastic feedback from our participants motivates us to constantly improve our courses.

Here comes the story behind our breast MRI courses: A coherent teaching on highest scientific, clinical and teaching standards. And most of all: You will have fun!

Our courses are designed as a sequel (Basic, Advanced, Expert). In case you book more than one course together, you receive a 20% bundle-discount. Depending on your previous knowledge and interest, you may, of course, attend any course individually.

We are looking forward to welcoming you soon at the School of Radiology!

Pascal Baltzer and Matthias Dietzel

PS: You are interested in the German Speaking version of this course: Here you go



This is our basic course for breast MRI. No previous experience in breast MRI is required.

Impulse lectures: ALL relevant technical, clinical and practical basics to perform and to read breast MRI.

Interactive case discussions: The heart of all our courses. Supported by online polls you will first interpret each case on your own. Then we will discuss each case in the group. None of your question will left unanswered. Promised!

E-learning resources: Alongside with the course we provide you extensive e-learning resources.



Clinical basics

Image acquisition: optimal image quality and patient satisfaction

Structured reporting with the Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System (BI-RADS)

Evidence-based diagnosis using the Kaiser Score

Practical application

Target audience


All medical professionals involved in breast cancer care

Residents, technicians, radiographers: discount!


LEVEL 1 (Beginner):
You are a beginner in breast MRI? Then this course is perfect for you! To receive a complete basic training in breast MRI, we however strongly recommend you to join both this basic course and our “MRI of the breast: Advanced course” (bundle discount).

LEVEL 2 (Advanced):
You already have experience in breast MRI? Then we recommend you to book this basic course together with our “MRI of the breast: Advanced Course” (bundle discount)! In fact, the majority of our advanced participants favor this combo!

Level 3 (Expert):
You are an expert in breast MRI? You will also love this course! It will serve you as a great refresher and a warm-up for our advanced and expert courses.

Any questions?

Do you have questions, whether this course is the right course level for you? Feel free to contact us at any time. We will be happy to answer your questions personally!

What our par­tic­i­pants say






Breast MRI: A quick overview *

  • What can it achieve?
  • In which scenarios may it be useful?
  • What problems does it face?

How to do breast MRI


From patient preparation to image acquisition *

  • What to consider before MRI? 

  • Which information is essential?

  • Which technology do I REALLY need?

  • Which technology do I NOT need?

  • How we do it: Optimizing your protocol.


Image post-processing *

  • Which techniques are available
  • Which technique do I need?
  • Which technique do I NOT need?
  • How we do it: How we assess contrast curves and ADC maps




  • How to recognize non-diagnostic exams
  • How to detect artifacts
  • How to optimize your protocol

How to read breast MRI


Structured reporting *

  • Semantic BI-RADS criteria

  • How we do it: Useful criteria beyond BI-RADS

  • Kaiser score:  Concept and clinical application


  • Application of semantic criteria and structured description of findings
  • Application of the Kaiser score


Lunch break


  • Application of semantic criteria and structured description of findings

  • Application of the Kaiser score

How to apply MRI in your clinical practice


Translating breast MRI into your clinical decision making *

  • How to achieve an objective diagnosis

  • How to assign an appropriate BI-RADS category 

  • How to recommend further patient management

  • How we do it: How we approach follow-up


  • Breast MRI findings in typical clinical scenarios
  • Value of breast MRI in typical clinical scenarios
  • How we do it: How to translate MRI findings into the clinical context




  • Breast MRI findings in typical clinical scenarios

  • Value of breast MRI in typical clinical scenarios

  • How we do it: How to translate MRI findings into the clinical context






End of the event

* Impulse lecture


Matthias Dietzel and Pascal A. Baltzer (2018) Insights Imaging „How to use the Kaiser score as a clinical decision rule for the diagnosis in multiparametric breast MRI: a pictorial essay“

Pascal A. Baltzer, Barbara Krug and Matthias Dietzel (2022) RöFo „Evidence-Based and Structured Diagnosis in Breast MRI using the Kaiser Score“



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